Paid Application Feature

Feature your application or game and drive downloads! AppAggie is the #2 Free Apps Aggregator in the world! AppAggie has delivered over 100,000 downloads and offers instant redirects to your app store listing from a desktop or mobile device.

What is the cost to be feature listed?
Each day you are featured costs $10.00. The minimum number of days required to begin your campaign is five.

Where does my feature appear?
Each app appears on the side bar and will remain on the list for the duration of their campaign.

How do I become the main feature on the home page?
Large features are randomly selected from our featured advertisers pool and rotate equally to our traffic. example: If you have purchased a 28 day feature spot, you will hold 28x more weight in the rotation pool than someone with a 5 day feature spot.

What else do I need to know?
Your app must be free. We accept PayPal only. We request you add "featured on" to your description.

All questions can be sent to sales @ appaggie.
  • Choose the section your application will be featured in.
  • If you have a special image or graphic that is different than your app screenshots, please upload it here.
  • $0.00 is not responsible for errors in application listings or unavailable dates. We will do our best to list your application on the date(s) requested. Should your date not be available you will be notified and the opportunity for you to choose a new date or receive a refund will be made to you. You should receive a response within 48 hours after your payment has been received.

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