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Requires Android 2.2 and up
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Figure Posing Tool for the Artist
Breakthrough figure posing tool for the artist. Now you can always have your very own reference model with you. You can create any pose quickly with an easy to use pose interface. Its simple, just select the body part and then pose the figure. You can pose both the male and female figure. The coolest feature most important to artist is the figures use no constraints allowing geometry to intersect. This allows Artist to pose from realistic to extreme poses. Use it for Drawing, Manga, Illustration, Character Design, Animation, Story Boarding, Comic Books.
The Post Tool 3D was designed by the Artist Riven Phoenix author of the breakthrough figure drawing course ‘The Structure of Man HD’ used in over 68 Countries.
The Pose Tool uses state-of-the-art 3D Engine that allows you to pose organic figure models.
Touch Controls:
One Finger – Orbit around figure
One Finger Tap – Select body part
Two Finger Pinch – Zoom in and Out.

What’s in this version:

Update 2.7
- Added Support for smaller screen sizes 320 x 480. Icons will now adjust to fit on this smaller screen size. For Larger screen sizes the application will work as is.
Update 2.6
- Added ‘Fantastic’ Render feature!. Now when you pose a figure it will look even more organic and move realistically.
Update 2.5
- Added the Female Figure
- Added a new help menu
- Added the ability to keep both male and female poses separate
- Added reset pose icon

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