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Updated: May 23, 2012
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EasyLang Helping you become fluent in Macedonian!

They say that learning a new language is one of lifes most rewarding experiences. EasyLang is the product to help you kick-start this passion and learn a foreign language the easy way.

The EasyLang application features the following learning and training tools that will enable you to read, speak and understand a new language with confidence!

VOCABULARY: Includes a comprehensive vocabulary across 30 different categories with over 600 words and phrases!

SPEECH: An accurate pronunciation of words and phrases spoken by real native speakers.

SPELLING: Includes the full alphabet and spelling quizzes, providing you with the introductory skills to read and write.

GAMES: Flashcard and Spelling games that track your progress as you move on from beginner to advanced!

LEARN ON THE GO: Use recorded playlists to learn at home or help you whilst you travel! Train your brain to comprehend and pronounce words and phrases correctly in the native tongue.

SEARCH: Search tool makes navigating for the appropriate words and phrases simple!

With professional voice-overs, translation and HD graphics, EasyLang is your number one tool in discovering a new language in an economical, effective and most importantly, oh so, EASY way!

To see a full list of EasyLang languages please visit: www.sameducational.com/easylangpro

What’s New in Version 2.0

Fixed rare crash

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