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Invented thousands of years ago, it is a set of symbols that have evolved as the basis for communication and language. Without this ancient invention, written language would not be possible.

A sphere, a ball, a perfect shape, every point equi-distant from its center.

Combine these two and you have the basis for the perfect educational entertainment:


Alphabet Ball


A wonderful educational game! One of the top apps for educational language learning and entertainment. Learn and have fun at the same time! Learning can be fun! This is a great app that combines language learning and state of the art arcade action that children love. A fun, educational game. For young children, this app can be be hours of fun and a great way to learn the ABCs.

But this app is not just for children. Learning the English alphabet can be fun with this English language app!

For youngsters and people who want to have fun while they learn!

This game was specially developed for the iPad and features a native English speaker and arcade style play. And yet it focuses on learning the English alphabet. Through interaction and repetition, this game will help one master the English alphabet.

This educational game also features beautiful graphics and wonderful audio.

The game also includes 3 levels of difficulty from easy to hard. Easy is for the really young. Fast is for older learners.

Enjoy this App!

A French version is also available.

What’s New in Version 1.03.000

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