Ayat Emas Alkitab(Bible Verse)

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By: Mozes Petra Bios
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Requires Android 1.6 and up
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•Widget Added in Ver. 1.2•
Ayat Emas Alkitab contains many great verse from Indonesian Bible(Alkitab-Terjemahan Baru). Get inspiration and encouragement from the great verse in this app for everyday life and share it to your friends and family. Verses is updated often and more features will also be added soon.
v 1.01:
- Share verse with others via SMS, Twitter, WordPress, Skype, etc.
- Post To Facebook Wall.
- View Verse in ListView.
- Show/hide Background
Ver. 1.1:
- Fixed Force Closed because of database issue on LG Optimus One p500, and HTC Desire HD.
- Added category activity.
- Changed App name in Facebook from "Ayat Emas Alkitab" to "Ayat Emas Alkitab for Android"

What’s in this version:

  1. Ver. 1.2:
  2. Widget support added. please install app in internal memory(move to phone) to make sure the widget run properly because widget is not supported in Android for those who install in external memory(App2SD) and please add the widget only after you open the app to prevent force close(crash) because of database issue.
  3. Ver. 1.21:
  4. Small Bug Fix for widget.
  5. Coming soon in the next version:
  6. Search verses.
  7. Save Favorites.
  8. option to change background image.
  9. Enjoy.. :)
  10. Mozes

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